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Morbid Angel Announce New Album; Listen to the First Single Here

  • Axl Rosenberg

Well, here we are. Six years after the flaming plane crash was that Illud Divinum Insanus, Morbid Angel have at last announced what may or may not be their “redemption” album, Kingdoms Disdained. The cover art is certainly pretty fresh…


…but will the record be an actual return to form? The first single, “Piles of Little Arms,” suggests that the answer is… “Sort of.”

The track is definitely a contender for having the year’s creepiest song title, that’s for sure. Also for sure: it’s better than anything on Ilud… but then, that bar is so low it’s basically underground. It’s a fine song. I don’t think it’s an amazing song. I don’t know that anyone would care if this were the first single by a new band and not the legendary brand Morbid Angel.

And let’s be real — at this point, Morbid Angel is officially more brand than band. The reunion with David Vincent was shorter lived (and less creatively successful) than anyone anticipated, and Pete Sandoval ain’t comin’ back. So now, in addition to mastermind Trey Azagthoth, this latest incarnation of Morbid Angel features frontman Steve Tucker for the first time since 2003’s Heretic, as well as newcomers Scott Fuller (ex-Abysmal Dawn, drums) and Dan Vadim Von (guitars). It’s not exactly a line-up to make your heart race.

But then, maybe I’m not the best qualified person to judge — I was really never a fan of the Tucker-era stuff. To me, Morbid Angel are very much like Metallica: they made some of the best albums EVER in the genre and no one can ever take that away from them… but that also happened a very long time ago and I don’t feel the need to lie to myself about the direction they took after this Golden Age concluded. I love the band Morbid Angel were. I don’t feel much connection to the band Morbid Angel are.

So, as always, I encourage you to check out the music for yourself and make up your own mind. “Piles of Little Arms” is available for your streaming pleasure below. Listen, then go debate/discuss/argue in the comments section. Kingdoms Disdained will be out December 1.

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