Reign of Vengeance Announce New EP, Unveil Two Tracks


Reign of Vengeance have never shied away from social commentary or political analysis. Many of their songs lament the strain that late capitalism and the modern world have on our lives, and they have an album called Disemboweling Swine which is about how fucking horrible the now pardoned ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio is. So it’s not really a surprise to me that the topic they cover next would be CLASS WAR!

That’s right, their forthcoming EP The Final Aeon For All Humans is straight up about class war. From the trailer they released two weeks ago via vocalist Marshall Beck’s YouTube account, we learn that this new album is set in a parallel universe where class antagonism has reached a breaking point and the working class takes revenge for lives ruined at the hands of wealthy elites. The EP also has an incredibly violent comic book being released in tandem with it. From the press release:

The Final Aeon For All Humans is an EP that is both musically and lyrically styled to narrate through a “fictional” depiction of class warfare if it were to transpire in our modern world. This Ep takes a dual perspective lyrically including that of the common man as well as the Occultist Elite. This EP is best listened to in its entirety from start to finish, playing through like a blood soaked and very brutal musical. This album is loaded with true and mysterious-esoteric theology, American “conspiracy theories”, revelation interpretations, and (most importantly)- gore, blood, brutality, and violence.

Wow, well what does the music sound like, then?

Well, it’s a bit different. It’s still clearly Reign of Vengeance, but they have incorporated a few new elements that add a lot of symphony on top of all of this steamy death metal. The release is clearly stylized and tailored for the subject matter: it brings visions of romanesque revolution, of huge masses in an act of total control ripping the crown from their leader, and it’s heavy, visual, massive in sound, and perfectly shrouded in the smoke that clouds the battlefields. Vocally it is slightly different as well, but the new vocalist – who goes by “The Illuminated Man” – is pretty sick and goes hard, so I’m not complaining.

You can listen to one track from the EP, “The Master’s Summons,” below, and check out “The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion” here on YouTube. You can pre-order The Final Aeon For All Humans here.

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