Watch: Reign of Vengeance Go Ham “In the Club (With a Chainsaw)”


Reign of Vengeance have been actively producing music and playing live since 2005, but in the twelve years since their inception they have only released one full length album, Disemboweling Swine, a short but incredible piece filled to the brim with violence, self-loathing, and social commentary released more than six years ago. With really heavy songs like “He Hates His Fucking Job, He Hates His Fucking Wife, He Hates His Fucking Life,” and “She’s Best Kept Headless,” the track “In the Club (With a Chainsaw)” manages to be one of the most violent on this album, so much so that the video has a disclaimer in the beginning.

For a video that begins with a disclaimer I was hoping for some serious violence. The clip ends up being rather tame, though I should have guessed it was going to be as it didn’t come with any viewing restrictions on YouTube. Still, I like violence, and I guess I assumed that a disclaimer for a song about murdering people with a chainsaw in a club was going to mean something. Regardless, the song is great: Reign of Vengeance are destructive, the two solos are amazing, and “In the Club” picks up the violent slack of this weird, slightly sexualized music video.

Reign of Vengeance’s Disemboweling Swine is available here, via Brain Damage Music

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