Shit That Comes Out Today: October 20, 2017

  • Phil Boozeman

What a wild weekend I had. It started out with a visit to Columbia, my old college town, and two nights in a row of getting inappropriately fucked up on absurdly cheap drinks. Then on Sunday it was time for a third day in a row of getting shitfaced at the Chiefs game. Unfortunately, however, tailgating with Boozeman and friends tends to get a little rowdy at times and your favorite drunken shitposter ended up with a hardcore ankle sprain before the game even started and had to leave. We initially though my ankle was broken, but what a surprise it is that a doctor in the armpit of Kansas City can’t read an x-ray properly. Regardless, there’s lots of good shit coming out this week. You know what to do.

The Blood Of Gods (Metal Blade)
On  a playlist with Municipal Waste, Lordi and Slipknot
Listen: “El Presidente”

Gwar don’t need an introduction. If you don’t at least know who Gwar are, even if you’ve never heard their music, then that is a serious issue and I suggest that you educate yourself. The Blood Of Gods is Gwar’s fourteenth full-length studio album, as well as the first without vocalist Oderus Urungus. This band shows absolutely no fucking signs of stopping what their doing anytime soon and this album is proof of that. Here’s to many more years of being sprayed with piss and blood at shows, and many more years of enormous genitalia-theme costumed dudes ripping on their instruments better than most bands would ever hope to.

veil-of-maya-false-idolVeil Of Maya
False Idol (Sumerian Records)
On a playlist with Born of Osiris, After The Burial and Periphery
Listen: “Overthrow”

Gotta say that I’ve been dissappointed about Veil Of Maya going in more of the metalcore direction, but whatever, as far as metalcore goes it’s miles better than anything else to come out of the dumpster fire of a sub-genre. For those of you, such as me, who haven’t really much much of these dudes since their first album, they aren’t the mind numbingly heavy deathcore/proggy band they used to be. Clean singing seems to be a disease spreading among bands who don’t know how else to spice up their music, but whatever. If you like it, then you like it.

The Sin And The Sentence (Roadrunner Records)
On a playlist with Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine and August Burns Red
Listen: “Betrayer”

I have seen Trivium play 4 or 5 times in my life and exactly zero of those times were because I wanted to see Trivium. I don’t have anything against them but for roughly 5 years it seemed like they were touring with nearly every other band I wanted to see. That being said, the new shit I’ve heard from them sounds pretty good. “Betrayer” is a super catchy song that is a definite throwback to their older stuff. I really wish all of metalcore would have stayed sounding more like this than the good cop/bad cop whiny bullshit we have now. But that’s beside the point. If you’re a Trivium fan, this album is sure to please. If you’re not, give this a shot and you might be surprised.

insearchofsunIn Search Of Sun
Virgin Funk Mother (Spinefarm Records)
On a playlist with Periphery, Falling Red and Knock Out Kaine
Listen: “Say It Like You See It”

It’s hard to believe that it was over a year-and-a-half ago that I first covered these dudes. I was convinced that this album wouldn’t ever come out but sometimes it’s nice to be wrong. Which of course I never am. About anything. As for the sound of In Search Of Sun, this is an album that I would recommend to people who like everything about Periphery except the screaming. It’s not a completely accurate comparison, but it will give you a good idea of what you’re going to be working with.

The Kennedy Veil - ImperiumThe Kennedy Veil
(Unique Leader)
On a playlist with The Zenith Passage, Decrepit Birth and Rivers of Nihil
Listen: “Flesh of the Sun”

Holy fuck, I might have finally found a tech death band that I actually like. If you’ve been reading STCOT regularly since I took over the column then you know that my opinion of tech death is not very high. But Christ almighty, The Kennedy Veil fucking rip. “Flesh of the Sun” is absurdly fucking heavy, has a bit of black metal spice to it and to top all of that off, it even has guest vocals from The Black Dahlia Murder’s Trevor Strnad. These dudes are on the Bloodletting North America Tour, which kicks off TODAY in none other than Kansas City at The Riot Room. If anyone is heading out, I’ll be there. Look for the dude wearing the ankle brace.

Mass VI (Neurot Recordings) listen
American War Machine Prey Drive (Bridge 9) listen
Bell Witch Mirror Reaper (Profound Lore) listen
Blut Aus Nord Deus Salutis Meæ (Debemur Morti Productions) listen
Cyrha Letters To Myself (Spinefarm) listen
Daemusinem Thy Ungodly Defiance (Willowtip) listen
Death Individual Thought Patterns (Vinyl) (Relapse) listen
Death Rattle Volition (N/A) listen
Emil Bulls Kill Your Demons (AFM) listen
Europe Walk The Earth (Hell & Back) listen
Gnaw Cutting Pieces (Translation Loss) listen
God Mother Vilseledd (Party Smasher Inc.) listen
Iron Monkey 9-13 (Relapse) listen
Madame Mayhem Ready For Me (Metalville/HeadBall) listen
Nick Oliveri N.O. Hits At All Vol.3 (Heavy Psych Sounds) listen
Slipknot Day Of The Gusano (Eagle Rock Entertainment) listen
Sons Of Apollo Psychotic Symphony (InsideOut Music) listen
Sorcerer The Crowning Of The Fire King (Metal Blade) listen
Then Comes Silence Blood (Nuclear Blast) listen
VEIN Self-Destruct (7″) (N/A) listen
Vuur In This Moment We Are Free – Cities (InsideOut Music) listen
War Rig Time! (Innerstrength Records) listen

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