Do Not Fear, for Feared’s New Track “The Mare” is Here, and it Rips


Feared - SvartThat Ola Englund is sure a mighty productive fellow, eh? In a year and a half’s time he’ll have released an incredible album with The Haunted and TWO new full albums by Feared, as well as keeping his YouTube channel as a go-to destination for gear-centric guitar content. Someone tell this guy to take a vacation. Actually, don’t; selfishly, I’ll take as many Ola Englund releases as I can get!

Following up on Feared’s 2016 album Reborn, the group — which also features drummer Kevin Talley (every band ever), bassist Jocke Skog (Clawfinger) and vocalist Mario Ramos (Demonoid) — will release Svart later this year, and if the first single “The Mare” is any indication it’s gonna be a banger. Feared are cranking out heavy melodeath that’s as good as anything released in the past decade; they ought to be included in the conversation with the the At the Gates and Carcass reunion records and The Haunted’s continued high-quality output as bands that are just fucking doing it right. This track rips.

Svart comes out on December 8th; pre-order it here.

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