Neurosis’ Scott Kelly Discusses Phil Anselmo Dimebash Drama: “It Was Really Ugly”

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s been almost two years since Phil Anselmo made what might be politely called “the mother of all fuck-ups” by throwing a Nazi salute and yelling “White power!” at 2016’s annual Dimebash event, but it’s still a highly divisive topic amongst metal fans. We’ve talked about this at length on MetalSucks, and personally, I have nothing left to say about it; let your own conscience be your guide.

Seamless segue: Exclaim.ca’s Aggressive Tendencies and Neurosis’ Scott Kelly were recently discussing the topic of touring with Pantera back in the day when Kelly was asked about Anselmo’s actions. Kelly responded thusly:

“I think [Anselmo] fucked up, man. I think Phil really said some shit that you can’t really take back.

“I think that Phil’s an intelligent guy and I think that… From what I’ve heard, he’s taken steps to change his life and he’s taking things more seriously.

“He’s the kind of guy that can have a lot of influence in the world. A lot of people listen to what he says and a lot of people respect him and kind of follow his lead. So I just hope that he chooses a positive path to go down with it, because that was ugly, man — it was really ugly.”

So, there ya go. Now you know what Scott Kelly thinks.

[via Blabbermouth by way of Metal Injection]

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