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Metallica’s North American Summer Tour Grossed Over $100 Million


Is there any doubt as to whether Metallica are the undisputed kings of metal? In the unlikely event you still weren’t sure, here’s proof: the North American leg of their 2017 “WorldWired” summer stadium tour grossed north of $100 million.

We’ve culled numbers from a series of Boxscore reports released over the past few months culminating in yesterday’s, which featured a whole new batch of Metallica dates. What’s more, of Metallica’s 25 North American dates we’ve only got numbers for 20 of them; we’re missing data from the Rock on the Range Festival in Ohio and from four of the tour’s five Canadian stops. And yet still, even without those, Metallica brought in a total of $93,261,342.00. Even if each of the five missing dates only matched the tour’s single lowest gross — $2,198,951 in Long Island — that would still put the band over $100 million total. And while two of those dates are smaller Canadian markets, one is a big-money festival and two are major cities.

And that’s only the U.S. and Canada! The band just wrapped up the first leg of their European tour with another jaunt there coming early next year. They also kicked off 2017 with dates in Asia and South America!

Note that gross ticket sales figures are not a wholly accurate reflection of how much money Metallica took home. After the ticket numbers are in, they still need to pay their opening acts, cover their crew and travel expenses (no small expense!), share a cut with the promoter, pay their manager and booking agent, etc. On the other side of it, the numbers also don’t include any money earned from merch sales, and that can amount to a ton.

Here is everything we have so far:

10-May Baltimore, MD $4,220,421.00
12-May Philadelphia, PA $5,421,187.00
14-May East Rutherford, NJ $5,196,437.00
17-May Uniondale, NY $2,198,951.00
19-May Foxborough, MA $5,713,499.00
21-May Columbus, OH (Rock on the Range) NO DATA
4-Jun St. Louis, MO $4,192,393.00
7-Jun Denver, CO $5,884,163.00
11-Jun Houston, TX $4,854,471.00
14-Jun San Antonio, TX $4,527,655.00
16-Jun Arlington, TX $4,247,778.00
18-Jun Chicago, IL $5,313,715.00
5-Jul Orlando, FL $4,613,708.00
7-Jul Miami, FL $3,163,523.00
9-Jul Atlanta, GA $4,531,443.00
12-Jul Detroit, MI $4,501,650.00
14-Jul Quebec City, QC NO DATA
16-Jul Toronto, ON NO DATA
19-Jul Montreal, QC $3,258,580.00
29-Jul Psadena, CA $6,384,282.00
4-Aug Glendale, AZ $5,246,586.00
6-Aug San Diego, CA $4,846,411.00
9-Aug Seattle, WA $4,944,489.00
14-Aug Vancouver, BC NO DATA
16-Aug Edmonton, AB NO DATA

Total:   $93,261,342.00

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