Woman Alleges Former Anthrax Guitarist Dan Spitz Raped Her When She Was Fifteen


A woman has come forward with allegations that former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz raped her when she was fifteen-years-old. Almost as chillingly, she claims that Paul Stanley from Kiss made a pass at her immediately thereafter. She has, however, also made it clear that “no other members of Anthrax were involved,” nor, to the best of her knowledge, were ever made aware of the incident. And in a post that seems to have since been deleted, she says she’s been in contact with Spitz’s fiancée since sharing her story.

Spitz has not released a comment at this time.

Although these accusations were made public on Facebook, MetalSucks is withholding the victim’s name until we can confirm that she’s okay with it being in the press.

Her account reads as follows (screen caps at the bottom of this post):

“Jesus Christ. With all these sexual assault accusations going around by famous people..

“Maybe it’s my turn to call out DAN SPITZ formerly of Anthrax. When I was 15 years old, I was at a KISS concert in Edmonton Alberta. In between sets I was invited back stage. I was then ushered onto their tour bus..where Dan walked in wearing a robe and a towel on his head. He FORCED his penis down my throat. It happened so fast. He had my hair wrapped tightly around his fists so I couldn’t move. Not ONE WORD was ever said to me. I vomited on him…it was my way to get out of there. As I ran with tears streaming my face..i was approached by PAUL STANLEY who then touched my hair and said..wow you and me would make beautiful babies with lots of hair. He didn’t even mention my mascara or tears running down my face, or why I was upset. I went back into the crowd…AND TOLD NO ONE. TODAY..I TELL THE WORLD. #METOO

She later added:

“I want to make this VERY CLEAR: NO OTHER MEMBERS OF ANTHRAX WERE INVOLVED. As far as I know…NONE OF THEM KNEW. This is about DAN SPITZ. NOT ANTHRAX AS A WHOLE. The band should not be punished, or their name tarnished. Please..if you must say anything, blame the abuser. Not the band.

“Thank you!”

And then concluded:

“To all the nay-sayers and a-holes: WHY in the world..of all people..would I accuse Dan Spitz? I wasn’t even a fan of Anthrax. I didn’t even know who they were when I saw them at 15. Surely if I was to make this story up, I could have picked a hundred other so called famous people to blame. #ImNoLiar #TheTruthHurts #DanSpitzIsAChildRapist


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