Mastodon’s Brent Hinds Goes Country on West End Motel’s New Track “Sorry I’m Late”


West End Motel, one of Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds’ many side projects, is getting ready to release a new album tomorrow, and today we get a sneak peak of the record in the form of a music video for the album track “Sorry I’m Late.”

West End Motel’s music has always bordered on country — albeit a very dark version of it — but this track goes full on into the prairie. According to the band, it’s an apology to their wives and girlfriends for being out so late and drunkenly stumbling home and crashing into bed:

“Definitely a departure from the rest of the record, here’s ole B Hinds making good on his promise for some home cooked country with Ben Thrower’s official band apology to our wives, Girlfriends and really anyone we’ve woken up at 5am.

“Think 1977 in the back of your parents crappy wagon furiously trying to get passing truckers to blow their horn. We are southern kids raised on Otis Redding, Merle Haggard and Roger Miller -so we can’t help it -it’s just in us on occasion.”

Check out the track below; it may be your only opportunity ever to hear Hinds yodel! Bad with Names, Good with Faces comes out tomorrow, December 1st, and can be ordered and streamed here.

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