A Perfect Circle Guitarist Digs in Even Further on “No Cell Phone” Policy


It’s a losing battle not worth fighting. No matter how annoying we all agree cell phones at shows may be, you cannot stop the forward march of technology. Booting fans from shows for trying to capture a few mementos will only create anger and resentment amongst fans.

Billy Howerdel doesn’t wanna hear that, though. After defending A Perfect Circle’s cell phone ban last month — following frontman Maynard James Keenan’s own plea — the guitarist dug in even further in a recent interview. Here’s what he told the DOMKast:

“There’s many reasons why — I think everyone can figure it out — why we would have that kind of policy. I mean, I get why you wanna take a memento of the moment. I’ve done it myself. If I go to a show and they ask for… I’ve gone to plays. I don’t know if guys have gone to a play. You never take out your phone, take a video or take a picture in a play; you’re gonna get booted. Why is that any different at a rock show? And why is it any different to not be rude sticking your phone up in front of the face of the person behind you. And then, at the other side of it, we would like you to be with us, present. We’re with you, present — full-focused, wholeheartedly. For that one moment in time — 90 minutes or 100 minutes — we’re giving every… every calorie available to us is spent to be together, so we ask you to join us there.”

Again: Howerdel is not wrong. It is rude, both to the band and the people behind you. He’s right to be upset.

But man, cell phones are going absolutely fucking nowhere. Complaining about them just makes him seem old and out of touch — this is how shows are now, and have been for the past decade. Time to find a way to accept it and move on.

[via Blabbermouth]

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