New EP by Anal Trump (Cattle Decapitation) Will Benefit the Union of Concerned Scientists

  • Axl Rosenberg

Our current administration is at war with reality, and that includes science. So, having donated proceeds from their previous releases to organizations like the ACLU and RAINN, it makes sense that Anal Trump will give the proceeds from their latest release, Make America Say Merry Christmas Again, to the Union of Concerned Scientists. In fact, it would only be more appropriate if Anal Trump were donating the proceeds to the Union of Concerned Human Beings with Half a Brain, but I don’t think any such group actually exists.

For the three of you who have forgotten, Anal Trump is a delightfully irreverent grindcore duo consisting of Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct, Nader Sadek, etc.) and Rob Crow (Pinback). Although the track titles on Merry Christmas aren’t as offensively droll as on previous Anal Trump releases, they’re still pretty damned funny. I’m especially fond of “It’s Always a White Chritmas for Jeff Sessions,” but “Is Alex Jones Doing Sandy Hook Clause Again This Year?” is also pretty great.

You can stream the whole album below, then buy it here in “snowflake white” vinyl (LOLOLOL). The top fifty donors will also receive a snowflake-shaped lathe-cut 7″, which is pretty cool. Plus, you’re helping a worthy cause! DO IT!!!

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