Listen to a Black Metal Album Created Entirely by Artificial Intelligence

  • Axl Rosenberg

If that band of robots who play Motörhead freaked you, well, get ready for some real Skynet shit.

There’s a new black metal album called Coditany of Timeness (don’t bother checking your dictionary — neither “coditany” nor “timeness” are real words), which is really noteworthy for one reason and one reason only: it was created entirely by artificial intelligence.

Futurism reports:

“The music was produced by feeding an album called ‘Diotima’ by Krallice into a neural network. Songs were broken down into short chunks, and the system was asked to project how the next section of the track would sound, before being told whether or not its prediction was correct – common methodology for teaching an artificial intelligence how to operate.”

Well, at least the A.I. had a good influence.

Although the existence of Coditany of Timeness raises all sorts of interesting philosophical questions about the meaning of art, I’m not gonna delve into any of those questions now, because… well… the album isn’t very good. I mean, it’s fine. It’s super-generic old-school style black metal. I can’t imagine anyone choosing to listen to it over, like, the actual Krallice or anything. Maybe the A.I. just needs time to develop its own artistic identity or whatever. I dunno.

ANYWAY, you can read more about the album’s creation here, and check it out for yourself below.

Thanks: Rob D.

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