Shit That Comes Out Today: December 15, 2017


Good news everyone! Not really. This will be the final STCOT column of 2017. That means you all have a few weeks where you’re just going to have to find new shit that comes out on your own, even if there generally aren’t a lot of releases this time of year. Since there won’t be a column, I’m not sure what all of you will do with your free time now that you don’t have to spend it telling me how much I suck at this, or spend it getting offended that I didn’t list -insert random band with no promotional materials or music online here-. But if any of you do something productive, be sure to post a picture when the column starts up again next year. Happy holidays or whatever the fuck. I hate you all <3.

linkinparkLinkin Park
One More Light Live (Warner Bros.)
On a playlist with Imagine Dragons, Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit
Listen: “Sharp Edges”

Yeah, none of us here at MetalSucks particularly like Linkin Park that much, but I would be a damn liar if I said that Hybrid Theory wasn’t my fucking jam in 5th and 6th grade. Yeah, One More Light was a terrible album. The reason I decided to mention this is because even though Linkin Park weren’t very good near the end of their career, they still had an enormous impact on music and on their fans even if they weren’t super metal. This will likely be one of the last recordings of Chester live depending on what kind of tributes the band does in the future.

Puncturing The Grotesque (Peaceville)
On a playlist with Entombed, Suffocation and Dismember
Listen: “Puncturing the Grotesque”

One of most influential death metal bands out there have returned once again with a 7-track LP that is sure to get you nice and ready for your trip to the moruge. Although it wouldn’t take a coroner to figure out that autitory blunt force trauma is the cause of death for anyone listening to this record, I think there’s some sort of legal process that requires is. Anyway, these dudes are still gorey, grimey and disgusting and are 100% the kind of thing you listen to while premeditating murder. But again, there’s a whole legal process for that too, so maybe just stick with listening to the music.

Split (7″) (Peaceville)
On a playlist with Cancer, Death and Asphyx
Listen: “Blood Bath”

Would ya look at that, Autopsy made it on here twice in the same week. WILD. And to make things even more confusing, this split features two covers: the first is Autopsy’s cover of the 80s band Bloodbath (the US version, not the Swedish version on this record) song “Fuck You!!!”. Bloodbath (Swedish Bloodbath) are covering Cancer’s song “Blood Bath”. I told you that was fucking confusing. Seeing as I can’t find either of the covers online anywhere, I’ve linked the original “Blood Bath” above. You’ll just have to use your imagination to figure out what the cover  will sound like, OR, you can just buy the thing.

mistofmiseryMist Of Misery
Fields Of Isolation (Black Lion Records)
On a playlist with Dimmu Borgir, Netherbird and Hallucinator
Listen: Full EP

Mist of Misery are my favorite release this week. Anyone who is a fan of old Dimmu Borgir (Stormblast/Enthrone Darkness Triumphant) will absolutely love this band. Really anyone who likes symphonic black metal will like this band. Even if you don’t like any of that shit, you should still check out this band because they’re fucking awesome. Not that any of you listen to my opinions anyway, but still. It makes me happy to know that I’m ending the year on something grim and frosty because it’s been 50 degrees here in Missouri all week and it hasn’t fucking snowed once. Missouri weather to the pit Mist of Misery! Dilly dilly!

Dismember (Black Lion Records)
On a playlist with Bodyfarm, Hail of Bullets and Zombified
Listen: “Gastorture”

I am very happy that Deathmarch decided to put a song out called “Gastorture” because now I finally have a theme song for diarrhea caused by Taco Bell breakfast. If you’re a fan of old schools death metal then you’ll be right at home with Deathmarch. It’s chock full of gutturals and delicious riffs and Deathmarch features members of Bodyfarm. I’m serious, these vocals are filthy and you’re probably going to want to take a shower after listening to this EP. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing because I’m sure lots of you need a shower anyway.

Asking Alexandria Asking Alexandria (Sumerian Records) listen
Black Wail Chromium Homes (Rhyme & Reason) listen
Caliban Memoirs (2009-2017) (Box Set) (Century Media) listen
De La Muerte Venganza (Revalve) listen
Fistula/-(16)- Split (Patac Records) listen
Fistula/Come To Grief Split (Patac Records) listen
For All Eternity The Will To Rebuild (Facedown) listen
Midnight Sweet Death And Ecstasy (Hell’s Headbangers) listen
Nupraptor The Heresiarch (Shadow Kingdom) listen

Colosseum Chapter 1: Delirium (Vinyl) (Blood Music) listen
Colosseum Chapter 2: Numquam (Vinyl) (Blood Music) listen
Colosseum Chapter 3: Parasomnia (Vinyl) (Blood Music) listen
Cult Of Luna Cult Of Luna (Vinyl) (Earache) listen
Enslaved Blodhemn (Splatter Vinyl) (Osmose Records) listen
Enslaved Eld (Splatter Vinyl) (Osmose Records) listen
Enslaved Frost (Splatter Vinyl) (Osmose Records) listen
Enslaved Mardraum (Splatter Vinyl) (Osmose Records) listen
Enslaved Monumension (Splatter Vinyl) (Osmose Records) listen
Fireburn Don’t Stop The Youth (Vinyl) (Closed Casket Activities) listen
Ihsahn After (Reissue) (Spinefarm) listen
Ihsahn AngL (Reissue) (Spinefarm) listen
Ihsahn Das Seelenbrechen (Reissue) (Spinefarm) listen
Ihsahn Eremita (Reissue) (Spinefarm) listen
Ihsahn The Adversary (Reissue) (Spinefarm) listen
One King Down Bloodlust Revenge (20th Anniversary Edition) (Equal Vision) listen
Sólstafir Svartir Sandar (Vinyl) listen

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