Shit That Comes Out Today: December 8, 2017

  • Phil Boozeman

PSA: THIS WEEK SUCKS. Anyway, I am severely lacking in imagination right now so I’m just going to pick everything with an interesting name and then write my opinion about it. Yep, it’s that time of year. Other than that, I feel the need to warn anyone who was planning on seeing The Faceless on their current tour. The Faceless put on the most boring show I’ve ever seen in my life and as the headlining band, they played maybe 7 songs. 7 FUCKING SONGS. What a fucking joke. Fuck Michael Keene’s The Faceless featuring Michael Keene. Go listen to Diskreet’s Engage the Machanicality if you want to do something productive with your night.

diabloswingorchestraDiablo Swing Orchestra
Pacifisticuffs (Candlelight/Spinefarm)
On a playlist with Unexpect, Stolen Babies and Therion
Listen: “Knucklehugs”

What in the actual fuck did I just listen to? This band name is great, the album title is great and the album artwork itself is great, but what the hell. I am told by the internet that this is an avant-garde metal band and ummmmm, well, yeah they sure are. I would honestly hesitate to call this metal but what the fuck do I know. If you’re looking for something that’s all over the damn place and a 100% departure from what you normally listen to, then I would recommend this band. I don’t even have the words to describe it. You’ll just have to listen for yourselves.

Shit That Comes Out Today: December 8, 2017The Atomic Bitchwax
Force Field (Tee Pee)
On a playlist with Monster Magnet, Karma to Burn and Colour Haze
Listen: “Handstooth 2017”

If you’re tired of using coffee to wake up in the morning? If so then The Atomic Bitchwax are the perfect solution to your lack of auditory caffeine. These dudes are high fucking energy and a lot of fun to listen to, and if there isn’t some strain of shatter named after these dudes then I would implore anyone in the cannabis industry to hop the fuck on that idea, compliments of MetalSucks. Although these guys are more on the rock spectrum than metal they’re too much fun to not enjoy, just like I said earlier. Don’t call Boozeman a liar! Because I’m not. If anything, I’m hammered and bending the truth, but not here.

Riffography (Ripple)
On a playlist with Red Desert, Switchblade Jesus and Foghound
Listen: “Border Crossing”

In case you couldn’t tell from the album artwork, Borracho writes music build for smoking weed from the ground up. If Mastodon’s Brent Hinds had a deeper voice then he would probably sound a lot like the vocalist for this band. However, even if you’re not a big stoner, this is still awesome music to drive through the desert to because it’ll keep your imagination running through all 7-billion miles of sandy bullshit. If you’re not excited about that, then you’re either lame or you’re high. I know which on e I’d rather be. But I’d still be excited for this band.

Svart (N/A)
On a playlist with The Haunted, Scarpoint and Six Feet Under
Listen: “The Mare”

Ever wonder what would happen when a metal band made a music video that centered around swinging lightbulbs? Well look no further because Feared have you covered. It was also nice of them to title their newest album Svart, which just so happens to be the only word I know in Norwegian. It means black. Damn I’m cultured. Feared are your typical death metal band with the occasional melody here and there. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them melodic death metal but they share a lot of elements from it. I’m not crazy about Svart but I suspect that because I don’t like it, lots of you guys will.

amonamarth_twilightAmon Amarth
Twilight of the Thunder God (Vinyl) (Metal Blade)
On  a playlist with Dethklok, Sabaton and Kings of Asgard
Listen: “Twilight of the Thunder God”

Yeah, I know. This album came out nine years ago but I can’t think of anything constructive to say about any of the other shit that comes out this week, even if there isn’t a lot of it. So why of all the reissues/vinyl releases did I pick Twilight? Because this is my favorite Amon Amarth album, as well as one of my favorite metal albums. If by some chance you are not familiar with this record, Twilight lacks some of the rawness that With Oden On Our Side  had, but makes up for it by being crisp and crushing. If you don’t own a viking helmet to wear while listening, then worry not. Play this album all the way through as loud as you possibly can and Thor himself will send one to you.

Carpathian Forest The F–king Evil Years listen
Cleric Retrocausal (Web Of Mimicry) listen
Iron Savior Reforged – Riding On Fire (AFM) listen
J.D. Overdrive Wendigo (Metal Mind) listen
Nightingale Rock Hard Live (InsideOut) listen
Thaw Grains (Agonia) listen
War Of Ages Alpha (Facedown) listen
Wildestarr Beyond The Rain (Scarlet) listen
Withered Bones In Search Of Self-Evidence (Blood & Ink) listen

Amon Amarth Surtur Rising (Vinyl) (Metal Blade) listen
Cult Of Luna Eternal Kingdom (Vinyl) (Earache) listen
Sevendust Sevendust (Vinyl) (N/A) listen
YOB The Great Cessation (Reissue) (Relapse) listen

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