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Exclusive Cinemetal Premiere: Chiildren Cover Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money

  • Axl Rosenberg

Regular MetalSucks readers will already be familiar with Chiildren, the self-described “industrial doom duo” consisting of Christopher Zeischegg and former and former Dead to Fall bassist Chad Fjerstad (sometimes known by the names under which they’ve performed in adult films, Danny Wylde and Chad Alva): we’ve been covering them since 2013, and even debuted their 2015 EP, The Circle Narrows. Everyone else: hold onto your butts.

The gruesome twosome have been on a hiatus for awhile, but they’re back in a big, bad way with a new cover of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money.” On their Facebook page, Chiildren say that their work “pulls inspiration from black metal, splatter-punk fiction, and minimal film scores,” and all of that is on display in both the cover and its accompanying Karim Meg-directed video.

Produced by Michael Keene from The Faceless, the cover makes the pop hit 100% Chiildren’s own, a flattening marriage of stomping guitars and electronica that calls to mind other great industrial pairs like Godflesh and Youth Code. As for the beautifully batshit video… well, here, let the band summarize it for you:

“Industrial terror duo, Chiildren, premiere their newest single and music video, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ (Rihanna cover).

“The song is a nostalgic throwback to the metal (nu, and otherwise) of our youth. It’s also a tribute to one of the most influential pop artists of the 21st century: Rihanna.

“The music video is a ‘story of America.’

“We start with a young woman in colonial garb, referencing the early days of our republic. She fans herself with a symbol from another age: JFK’s ‘camelot.’

“White, Christian ghouls – part black metal, part black Friday – enter. They’re consumed by the protestant work ethic and the the spirit of capitalism. They’ll do anything to acquire more gold.

“Flash-forward to the time of the cowboy. To the gold rush. It’s an era marked by vast real estate development, environmental decimation, and the illusion of prosperity.

“Our Ghouls carry on towards the American Dream.

“Finally, we arrive at the present. We find a Southern California millennial, wearing Gucci sunglasses and a UCLA t-shirt – semiotic clues to his class and aspirations. But rising student debt and stagnant wages have priced him out of happiness. His body has failed him. He’s been left out on the street.

“There’s a glimmer of hope at the end, via the depiction of our vomiting Ghoul. Has he started to purge his toxic ideology? Or is he nearing a state of diabetic shock? The video leaves these questions unresolved. LOL.”

Oh yeah. You wanna check this thing out.

You can do so below! It’s not NSFW, but it will definitely freak the shit out of some squares, so… don’t say we didn’t warn you. Enjoy:

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