Pestilence Premiere New Song “Non Physical Existent”

  • Axl Rosenberg


I thought “Multi Dimensional,” the first single from Pestilence’s forthcoming Hadeon, was pretty good… but the new single,“Non Physical Existent,” is even better. It’s just as old school as “Multi Dimensional,” but there’s something way more menacing about it. The guitars and drums move at a consistent speed, until they abruptly don’t anymore; it’s like the listener is a block of ice and the song is the person wielding the ice pick, chipping away patiently at the block until he gets frustrated, speeds up in an effort to complete the job more quickly, and then has to slow down again when his arm gets tired. There’s also a quality to the way the guitars constantly rise and fall that just gets me; it sounds like a menacing representation of the Sisyphean task. And, as on “Multi Dimensional,” the band’s new lead guitarist, Calin Paraschiv, provides a disturbingly off-center guitar solo that sounds at once drunk and schizophrenic.

So yeah this song wins.

Check out “Non Physical Existent” below. Hadeon, which I’m assuming is a concept record about theoretical physics, comes out March 5 on Hammerheart Records. Pre-order it here.

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