Shit That Comes Out Today: August 3, 2018


It’s been a long fucking week, dudes and dudettes. Working 36 hours in 3 days is dildos I tell ya, but it doesn’t matter anymore because its the weekend! I won’t be taking it out on my liver this time around believe it or not, but since I’ve been on a massive Dark Souls 3 kick lately, I’m likely just going to shut myself in and keep the ball rolling on a game series that took me four separate tries to finally make click. Dark Souls has claimed the lives of many of my controllers in the past, but we’re good now. We worked out our differences. And speaking of Dark Souls, both Mongrel’s Cross AND Void Ritual are killer as the sound tracks to the game. Make sure you listen to everything featured this weekend except for the last entry. It’s a good week, everyone.

Monument Of The End (Sumerian)
On a playlist with The Zenith Passage, Alterbeast and Archspire
Listen: “King of Undisputed Nonsense”

Oh HELL yeah. Any week there’s new Soreption is a good week. Soreption are an example of what technical death metal can be when bands can balance melodies and riffs with technicality rather than just fucking your ears off with five billion nonsensical time signatures stacked on top of each other inside a trench coat. Both of the singles off this album absolutely rip and Monument is an immediate contender for album of the year. There’s not much more I can say without blowing my load all over my keyboard so give “King of Undisputed Nonsense” and “Children of the Automaton” a spin because you deserve to treat yourself.

Void Ritual
Death Is Peace (Ipos)
On a playlist with Uada, Satyricon and Ulver
Listen: “Given Unto The Water”

I’ve probably said this a billion times already, but 2018 is an unbelievably good year for black metal. Void Ritual haven’t even waited an entire year to put out a new record and that is absolutely wonderful because the world seriously needs more of this band. “Given Unto The Water” will take you soaring across the planes of Scandinavia in the most epic of fashions and remind you why black metal can be so damn good when it’s done the right way. And what’s more impressive is that Void Ritual is just a one-man act from New Mexico! When I covered Void Ritual last year I felt like this would be a good band for black metal Walter White and that hasn’t changed. Death Is Peace is hands down one of the best albums of the year.

Ex_Machina (UNFD)
On a playlist with Spineshank, Cold Rain and Crystal Lake
Listen: “The Perfect Nightmare”

Did you see Crossfaith’s name and immediately think Crossfade? I can’t blame you if you did, because I did too. Fortunately, Crossfaith are a far cry from that and although they might have just a hint of butt rock spice, I doubt you would hear much of these guys on the radio. But of course now that I write that I’m hearing a few other of their songs that have poppy elements to them so what the fuck do I know. It’s hard to give this band shit for that, though, since they’re Japanese and the cultural influences on music are a little different. Crossfaith might not be my favorite band in the world but the songs are pretty catchy, so if you want something a little different, check them out.

Mongrel’s Cross
Psalter Of The Royal Dragon Court (Hells Headbangers)
On a playlist with Satanic Bloodspraying, Cerekloth and Dark Souls 3
Listen: “From Transylvania to Turnbridge Wells”

More black metal for your ear holes! Huzzah. Mongrel’s Cross are the second kvlt entry this week and they alternate between fiery thrash and haunting melodies and pretty much everything else you could possibly want in black metal. And to boot, look at how fucking killer that album artwork is! I demand that Mongrel’s Cross keep making music because I want more dragon black metal. But it’s not just for me, it’s for all of you too. Don’t ever tell anyone that I was selfish because I’m trying to give the world a gift here and that gift is Mongrel’s Cross. Added bonus: play this album while playing Dark Souls. It fits beautifully.

Bone Crew
Bone Crew (Stay Sick Recordings)
On a playlist with that UTI you’ve always wanted, brushing you teeth with a razor and Nickelback
Listen: Don’t

I understand that Chris Fronzak thrives off of negative attention and as such I’m probably helping him out by ripping on Bone Crew, but the world does not motherfucking need trap metal. Here is a list of shit that would be more useful instead: an alarm clock that wakes you up by putting a metal rod up your urethra, carpet made out of scattered Legos, a Nook eReader, HD-DVD, taste buds in your butthole, Kristen Stewart’s acting, a flat spoon with a hole in it, a heroin addiction, a pressed booklet of my ass hair with all of the dingleberries highlighted and a pedal board consisting of ten metal zone pedals. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I would rather listen to Attila. I’m not even sure if that’s the actual album artwork up there but it doesn’t matter because you shouldn’t be listening to this garbage anyway. Death to trap metal.

Abhorrent Deformity Slaughter Monolith (Comatose) listen
Earth Groans Rahab (Solid State) listen
Forest Green Nothing Is Special (EP) (No Sleep) listen
Halcyon Way Bloody But Unbowed (Agonia Records) listen
Integrity/Krieg Split (Relapse) listen
Lord Of The Lost Thornstar (Napalm Records) listen
Manticora To Kill To Live To Kill (Vicisolum) listen
The Temperance Movement A Deeper Cut (Snakefarm) listen
Ultraphonix Original Human Music (earMusic) listen

Death Angel Act III (Music On Vinyl) listen
Taproot Gift (Vinyl) (Music On Vinyl) listen

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