Obscura Announce New Album Title

  • Axl Rosenberg

Obscura have announced the title of their new album. And that title is–

Yeah. Yeah, I know. Normally, I wouldn’t devote an entire post to such a small amount of information. Like, why is this even worth my time? Coming in a whopping single sentence, this could be the shortest post in the history of MetalSucks.

But our biggest story so far today is about a dude playing Metallica with dildos, so, y’know. Things are kinda slow.

So. The album’s title. It’s–

Oh, wait. There actually is a little more intel in the press release. Hold on, let’s have a look here… bassist Linus Klausenitzer’s father, Prof. Ulf Klausenitzer, contributed some violin to the record… he has previously worked with a bunch of “renowned musicians” I’ve never heard of because none of them were ever in Death (Arvo Pärt, Karl-Heinz Stockhausen, Mikis Theodorakis, Daniel Barenboim, Christian Thielemann, Pierre Boulez)… also, Jonas Baumgartl, who was in Obscura from 2002-2007, plays cello on the release.

Alright. The album’s title. It’s–

Oh! One more thing! This quote from vocalist/guitarist Steffen Kummerer:

“Our new album finally marks the end of Obscura’s four album circle we started around ten years ago when we wrote ‘Cosmogenesis’, followed by ‘Omnivium’ and ‘Akroasis’ in recent years. With Rafael Trujillo, Linus Klausenitzer, Sebastian Lanser and myself participating as equal songwriting contributors, the record turned out diverse, progressive and colorful in every possible way. We can’t wait to share the final piece of this long running four-album-concept with you and look forward to the album release along with extensive touring throughout 2018.”

I think we actually kinda knew most of that already, but, uh, yeah.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know the record’s release date, but it should be out on Relapse sometime this year. We’ll let know as soon as that’s official.




What are you still doing here?




Oh, right. Sorry, almost forgot. The album is called Diluvium. Apparently, that’s a geology term.

There. I think I managed to really make this post sing, don’t you?

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