Watch Jared Dines Make Sweet, Sweet Love to His Infamous 17-String Guitar

  • Axl Rosenberg

Remember the infamous 17-string guitar (pictured above, duh) on which YouTube supah-stahhh! Jared Dines got scammed? Well, in case you don’t, I’ll catch you up. The short version is, Dines paid $1,200 to Nicholas Olson of Olson Guitarworks for a 17-string guitar; Olson, it turned out, had ordered the guitar from an actual luthier, China’s Musoo Guitars, for a mere $400. Ouch.

So whatever became of the 17-string guitar, you wonder? Well, funny you should ask…


Man, I hope Dines used that guitar for something before he destroyed it… I mean, no need to piss away $1,200 instead of $800, right? I know it’s his money, but times are tough and I worry about my fellow Man. And besides, there are deprived people in shithole countries that don’t have any guitars to play, let alone at 17-string. Let’s not be wasteful, people.

[via Gear Gods]

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