In Virtue Releases Outstanding New Track and Video “Purgatory”


In Virtue, the band led by Trey Xavier of our sister site Gear Gods, have released a phenomenal new song called “Purgatory.” It’s inspiring, uplifting, good-feeling metal that punches you in the gut with awesome bass lines and sky-scraping solos. The range and scope of this song with all its valleys and channels make it unpredictable yet fluid, a track that seamlessly lightens up before it brings all of In Virtue’s heavy weight down on your shoulders.

The video is splendid as well, spinning the idea of purgatory not as hell, but as a laundromat — quite the setting. The video has a message that’s hard to pinpoint until it ends, and the visual mesh well with the music; the song is clearly the source material, when so often that isn’t the case. We watch — just as we listen — a character struggle in purgatory as his goal is ripped further from his grasp until it finally breaks him. But something happens in that moment of despair: our character receives help and guidance from the menace that plagues him. As we know this is not the case in real life; our goals that seem so far out of reach don’t generally turn around and help us when we’re down. But it causes us to ask the question: who is this girl who terrorizes him?

It’s him; it’s us. The things that keep us from our goals are ourselves, the things that keep us down and terrorize us are the manifestations of our own mental shortcomings, and sometimes when you are in a moment of defeat those fears that block us from achieving greatness can be what gives us a helping hand in our lowest of lows.

Check out In Virtue’s newest below, and buy the track on their bandcamp here!

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