Shit That Comes Out Today: January 19, 2018

  • Phil Boozeman

Well, here I thought there would be a lot more interesting releases this week, but go figure, half of them were either re-releases or shit that was mislabeled and came out last year. I guess I am a liar. Oh well. Since I’m lacking on shit to promote this week, you guys should go check out some of the kick ass Kansas City metal I saw last Saturday such as Existem, Ahtme and Aprilmist. All those bands fucking rip, and they threw a show so wild that half of us got kicked out and I ALMOST went home with a woman who, in retrospect, was very clearly a hooker. Oops. If that ain’t the most Boozeman thing that has ever happened, then I don’t know what is.

Ceremony and Devotion (Universal Music)
On a playlist with Blue Oyster Cult, Deathless Legacy and Black Sabbath
Listen: “Full Album”

Don’t get too excited because this is a live album, not a new album. I know. It sucks. And although the digital copy of this was released back in December, the physical copies drop today so this is at least worth mentioning. Honestly though, Ghost live albums don’t make a ton of sense. Half the reason to even see Ghost is that their shows are so over the top and fun that it brings another dimension to the band. But whatever, some people like having live recordings of songs they already own so this is the Ghost version of that.

Khram (Napalm Records)
On a playlist with Korpiklaani, Ensiferum and Eluveitie
Listen: “Shtorm”

Did you read that song title as Sean Connery saying ‘storm’? If not, then you need to watch more movies. If you did. then go right on ahead and blast this shit because Arkona are awesome. Khram is the Russian word for temple, a temple at which Arkona are surely worshiped for their ability to blend progressive music with black metal. I feel like I am sorely lacking as far as Russian metal goes, so if any of you guys could help me out with that, I need a playlist that helps me protest capitalism when I’m mad at my day job and the 40 hour work week. Thanks, komrades.

deathlesslegacyDeathless Legacy
Rituals of Black Magic (Scarlet)
On a playlist with Ghost, Sacred Steel and Sinheresy
Listen: “Dominus Inferi”

If Ghost were a little bit heavier and fronted by a woman instead of a guy who makes a new character for himself every few years, that’s basically what we’re looking looking at here with Deathless Legacy. Although “Dominus Inferi” starts off sounding kvlt enough, it gives way to more of the spooky/melodic sound that Ghost have going for them. Honestly this is what I thought Ghost would sound like before I first listened to them so if Papa Emeritus and crew don’t scratch your itch for spooky metal, give Deathless Legacy a shot.

druidlordDruid Lord
Grotesque Offerings (Hell’s Headbangers)
On a playlist with Skeletal Spectre, Electric Wizard and Bloody Panda
Listen: “House of Dripping Gore”

In case the album artwork and song title didn’t give it away, this is some filthy shit right here. Death metal and doom metal fans will love this band for the slow auditory murder that they deliver on Grotesque Offerings, and other than that, how fucking awesome is the title “House of Dripping Gore”? I’d be willing to bet someone a six pack that Rob Zombie makes a movie with that exact same name sometime in the near future. This band is straight up DIRTY and if you are too, then get the fuck in here because this is perfect for you.

canehillCane Hill
Too Far Gone (Rise Records)
On a playlist with that lobotomy you’ve always wanted, your mom’s dildo and fighting your third step-dad
Listen: “Too Far Gone”

Believe it or not, I read most of the feedback I get every week, and last year you all said you would rather I bump the stuff I did like rather than shit on what I didn’t like. So with that being said, bands have to be a special kind of awful for me to trash talk them here, and boy do Cane Hill fit that bill perfectly. The fact that they’re on Rise should tell you everything you need to know, but if that weren’t enough, the guitar tone of two saw blades fucking a piece of sheet metal will send you running. And if somehow you make it past that, nearly half the 28 lines of lyrics start out with ‘Are you mad.’ Honestly, it’s hardly even Cane Hill’s fault for being so bad. It’s on the label for signing this shitty band and the fans who support them for enabling this kind of musical trash to continue.

Pounding The Pavement (SPV/Steamhammer) listen
Black Label Society Grimmest Hits (eOne) listen
Clamfight III (Argonauta Records) listen
Dalriada  Nyárutó (Hammer Music) listen
Hyvmine Earthquake (Seek And Strike) listen
Magick Touch Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire (Edged Circle) listen
Magnum Lost on the Road to Eternity (SPV/Steamhammer) listen
Mithridatic He Who Lies Underneath (Xenokorp) listen
Of Mice & Men Defy (Rise Records) listen
Terror Universal Make Them Bleed (Minus Head Records) listen

Rise Of The Serpent Men (Vinyl) (Peaceville) listen
Baphomet The Dead Shall Inherit (Vinyl) (Peaceville) listen
Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger (Vinyl) (Peaceville) listen
Demonomancy Burnt Vitriol – A Relics Compendium (Vinyl) (Nuclear War Now) listen
Gorgoroth Under The Sign Of Hell (Vinyl) (Soulseller) listen
Lihhamon Doctrine (Vinyl) (Nuclear War Now) listen
Mare Cognitum The Sea Which Has Become Known (Re-Release) (I, Voidhanger) listen
Pentagram Day Of Reckoning (Vinyl) (Peaceville) listen
Therion Of Darkness (Vinyl) (Peaceville) listen
Tomb Mold The Bottomless Perdition / The Moulting (Vinyl) (Blood Harvest) listen

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