Ministry Fail to Give Me or Anybody a “Wargasm”


Ministry premiered a new song and video today, “Wargasm,” featuring Fear Factory’s Burton Seabell. And it’s completely unremarkable, lazy, simple, and passionless: just how I imagine sex with any of the band members would be. Jokes aside, it’s really just lame. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “bad,” but that’s simply because not enough happens to give it any character. It’s simple and boring. Boring! It’s so boring, it’s as boring as the word “boring.”

I did actually appreciate the message of the song, and I kind of like the video in a purely artistic sense — I mean, nothing gets me hard like typography and propaganda films — but beyond that… there’s nothing. What music? All I can hear is a droning fuzz and Al Jourgenson’s completely emotionless voice barking out an actually important message, but it’s so unimpressive that I don’t even want to hear it — even thought I agree with what he’s saying! Ministry’s new album, AmeriKKKant, sounds like something people should be listening to, but the more “music” I hear from it the less I want to acknowledge these guys as leftists. If you’re going to present a message, particularly one so poignant as the worship of our military-industrial complex and sex-hungry culture, maybe like… have some passion, and make your music fit your message. If you’re gonna talk about the imperialist war machine, maybe try something a little more explosive than fuzz.

Watch Ministry’s new video below, but don’t actually listen to it — just read the lyrics, because that’s kind of what matters.

Ministry’s new album, AmeriKKKant, comes out March 9 on Nuclear Blast. You can pre-order it here. Get the band’s upcoming tour dates with Chelsea Wolfe here.

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