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Metal Grammys 2018: Mastodon Finally Get Theirs


As we all know, the Metal Grammy is basically a pile of horseshit. The Grammys are the music industry’s way of patting their darlings on the head and reluctantly nodding to those artists who made people who will never understand their music a dickload of money. That said, when a metal band you saw come up from the primordial ooze finally gets that statue, it’s pretty cool, if not hugely meaningful.

So, for both of you who care, Mastodon’s “Sultan’s Curse” has won the 2018 Grammy for Best Metal Performance.

This surprises no one, given that their competition was Meshuggah, Body Count, August Burns Red, and Code Orange, none of whom have Mastodon’s acclaim and appeal. That said, the band has worked its ass off to get where it is today, Emperor of Sand is pretty rad, and Mastodon has been nominated four times now, so for them to finally nab one is pretty cool.

So, congrats to those boys, especially drummer Brann Dailor, who dug out his communion suit to receive this award.

Mastodon were also nominated for Best Rock Album, but lost to a band called The War On Drugs who I’ve never heard of. Go figure.

Here’s footage of the band accepting the award.

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