Nachtmystium: Blake Judd and Jeff Wilson Patch Things Up, Appear to Be Working on New Music Together

  • Axl Rosenberg

Blake Judd continues to walk the path towards restoring his good name. After vowing in 2016 to “make things right” with fans the recovering heroin addict had burned in the past (via acceptance of funds of merch never delivered), last year the band played their first show in five years, and Judd offered up refunds to fans he’d scammed in the past. We’ve seen different reactions to Judd’s PR rehabilitation, many of which, understandably, remain skeptical about the musician’s ability to truly make up for his past sins.

So, for what it’s worth, those same skeptical fans might be interested to learn that Judd’s transgressions appear to have been forgiven by some of his former bandmates, including drummer Michel Graffio, and, most notably, guitarist Jeff Wilson (also of Abigail Williams and Wolvhammer fame).

Judd made the revelation on Facebook recently:

“The core of the 2005 – 2007 Nachtmystium ‘Instinct: Decay’ tour line up / ‘Worldfall’ studio line up, reunited last night in San Clemente, California at Blake Judd’s apartment. First time these three guys have been in the same room together in close to a decade. Left to right: Jean-Michel Graffio (drums), Jeff Wilson (guitars) & Blake Judd (guitars & vocals). All three guys have signed 10 brand new / unplayed copies of the ‘Worldfall’ 12″ MLP from 2007 (Mexican Summer Records pressing, ltd to 1000 and long ago sold-out. Last new / sealed copies available from @ascensionmonumentsmedia. The signed copies will be listed sometime this evening (separate from the regular unsigned copies already for sale on the labels Bandcamp store), they’ll be $5 extra (so $23 + s/h) and will come with signatures from three of the four performers on the original recording and each copy will come with a free embroidered red-on-black rectangular Nachtmystium logo patch. ascensionmonumentsmedia.bandcamp.com

Wilson, meanwhile, elaborated on Instagram, where he also revealed that he and Judd plan to collaborate on new music together:

“I’ve had a pretty up and down relationship with [Blake] over the past 10-12 years. He’s had some issues and so have I, but we had/have something creatively that there’s no way I can match with anyone else. I’m glad we finally reconnected a few days ago and started working together again on our music and our friendship. About to show these nu jacks what the fuck is up.”

I’m all for showing these nu jacks what the fuck is up. I’m not even sure I know what a nu jack is, but still. It sounds like they have it coming.

I guess we’ll see what happens with these dudes next. Stay tuned…


Thanks to our bud Nic H. for the heads up!

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