Shit That Comes Out Today: February 9, 2018

  • Phil Boozeman

BREAKING NEWS: I am now accepting applications for Valentine’s Day date. Rules: You must laugh at my self-deprecating and cripplingly awkward humor, you must bring me beer even though I will have blacked out two hours before you pick me up, and you must also pay for five entrees, four of which I will not eat and the other of which I will ship to Axl’s house with absolutely zero regard for food safety or hygiene. Axl needs love too because believe it or not, the warm embrace of the MS comment section doesn’t keep him cozy at night and he still has to pay the electric bill. Oh and by the way, this week fucking rules.

7inch_MTmitML_180_top_t.epsRotting Christ
The Call (Peaceville)
On a playlist with Septicflesh, Marduk and Darkthrone
Listen: “I Will Not Serve”

Any day is a good day when we get new music from Rotting Christ. As if this band needed anything back back up how evil they are, the phrase ‘I will not serve’ translates to ‘non serviam’ in Latin, which are the words that Lucifer spoke to God before was cast out of Heaven. The song title fits too. If I were being cast out of Heaven – not that I’d be even remotely close to going there when I die – then this song would absolutely be the soundtrack to my descent.

legendoftheseagullmenLegend Of The Seagullmen
Legend Of The Seagullmen (Dine Alone Records)
On a playlist with Mastodon, Tool and anything else Brent Hinds has done
Listen: “The Fogger”

This is a supergroup that we here at MetalSucks have been pumped about for a long time. Who wouldn’t be excited about Brent Hinds and Danny Carey playing together? Anyway, this song is tells a story, so I’ll let guitarist Jimmy Hayward tell you about it: “The Fogger’ is a mystical aquatic tale about The Seagullmen’s very own drummer, Danny Carey. He stalks the ocean in search of users, abusers and polluters and deals lethal justice with his third eye while ripping the faces from skulls, just like he does during the punishing and beautifully complex drum solo in the middle of the song. The solo explodes into a furious conclusion, leaving no doubt about the karmic justice and pure ferocious power of ‘The Fogger’!”

misery-index-i-disavowMisery Index
I Disavow (Vitriol Records)
On a playlist with Dying Fetus, Hate Eternal and Pig Destroyer
Listen: “I Disavow”

While scrolling through the YouTube comment section for the title track of this album, I saw someone call Misery index anarcho-deathgrind. Although that is 100% a made up subgenre (Metal has enough, fucking cut it out), what is not made up is how awesome Misery Index are, I jumped on the train late with these dudes but hey, better late than never, right? Misery Index are fucking awesome so if you like any type of metal, you should go pick this up. Otherwise, I’ll compare this band to Sabaton like I did with Saxon last week and watch all of your buttholes clench in unison while you think up “creative” ways to tell me I’m not qualified to write for this website.

The Atlas Moth - Coma NoirThe Atlas Moth
Coma Noir (Prosthetic)
On a playlist with Wolvhammer, Nachtmystium and Tombs
Listen: Full album stream

Axl Rosenberg fucking loves this band, so despite the fact that I know all of you will immediately assume they are awful based on that fact, give them a listen and you won’t be disappointed. In addition, Axl’s description of the vocals sounding “like a gremlin melting in bright light” is the most accurate thing I’ve ever heard. And as luck would have it, they decided to stream the full album before it was even released! That doesn’t help anyone reading about it here for the first time since it comes out today, but still. Quit fucking around and let this band rock your damn socks off.

harsmwayHarm’s Way
Posthuman (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with Twitching Tongues, Weekend Nachos and Code Orange
Listen: “Call My Name”

Ahh, Harm’s Way, also known as the band that can’t decide if they want the apostrophe in their name or not. Somewhere grammar teachers are rolling over and getting angsty over this decision. Don’t fact check me on that, just trust me. Anyway, Harm’s Way are this week’s auditory equivalent of being punched in the face. If you feel the need to be crushed under the weight of a kickass guitar tone, then look no further than the first release on Metal Blade from one of the better hardcore acts out there.

Against The Grain 
Cheated Death (Ripple) listen
All Souls All Souls (Sunyata Records) listen
Crescent The Order of Amenti (Listenable) listen
Crucifyre Post Vulcanic Black (Pulverised) listen
Erdve Vaitojimas listen
Fight The Fight Fight The Fight (Blacklight Media) listen
Frozen Crown The Fallen King (Scarlet) listen
Fu Manchu Clone Of The Universe (At The Dojo Records) listen
Holy Terror Total Terror (Dissonance Productions) listen
Good Tiger We Will All Be Gone (Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records) listen
King Witch Under The Mountain (Listenable Records) listen
Netherlands Hope Porn (Records And Tapes Records) listen
Rumahoy The Triumph Of Piracy (Napalm Records) listen
Therion Beloved Antichrist (Nuclear Blast) listen
Vessels Bathed In Sun (Innerstrength Records) listen
Visigoth Conquerer’s Oath (Metal Blade) listen
Wedge Killing Tongue (Heavy Psych Sounds) listen

The Malkuth Grimoire (Vinyl) listen
Bring Me The Horizon Bring Me The Horizon 2004-2013 (Vinyl) (Epitaph) listen

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