Exclusive Album Premiere: Marijannah’s Till Marijannah


marijannah-Till Marijannah

The lure for Singapore’s Marijannah is that two of its members are also in the rightfully-revered grindcore trio Wormrot. But we suspect after this week’s release of the quartet’s debut, Till Marijannah, that won’t be the headline anymore. For one thing, if no one ever told you, you’d never known anyone from Wormrot was in Marijannah (which also features members of  The Caulfield Cult and Abolition A.D.). For another thing — and far more importantly — Marijannah’s music stands solidly on its own two feet. Go ahead. Try and knock it over. You can’t. Very low center of gravity.

What makes Marijannah work so well? It’s the way they add their own blend of spices to a long-beloved recipe. Till Marijannah marries Sleepy stoner-doom with foot-tappin’ jams that wouldn’t seem out of place in a set by The Sword or Mutoid Man and surprisingly melodic vocal harmonies. It’s too catchy to listen to once before discarding; your finger will twitch involuntarily until it finds its way to the ‘repeat’ button.

In other words, it won’t be long before the lure for Singapore’s Marijannah is simply that they’re fucking great.

But don’t take our word for it… listen to Till Marijannah in full below! The album comes out this Thursday, February 15 on Pink Tank Records. Pre-order it here (vinyl) or here (digital)!

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