Meet Marijannah, the New Stoner/Doom Band Featuring Members of Wormrot

  • Axl Rosenberg


The weed situation in Singapore is apparently not-terrific. Which is to say, the government has very strict anti-marijuana laws, and have executed people for possession. Still, The Devil’s Lettuce cannot and will not be stopped, and it seems safe to assume that at least some of Singapore’s citizens are figuring out ways to get baked.

Certainly, the fact that the country now includes a stoner/doom band called Marijannah bolsters that assumption. And, hey, maybe no one in the band actually smokes weed, but i) the cover art for their single, “Snakecharmer,” is a snake slithering through clouds, and ii) listen to their music, yes of course they smoke weed.

Regardless, the band — which features members of Wormrot and their fellow Singaporeans The Caulfield Cult and Abolition A.D. — are excellent. The tasty riffs are delivered via guitars that sound like they’re in dire need of a shave and a shower, the vocals are otherworldly, and the drums give me the munchies. What more could you want from this kind of music?

Check out Marijannah’s “Snakecharmer” below. The track will appear on the band’s debut album, Till Marijannah, which comes out on February 15 via Pink Tank Records.

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