Mick Barr (Krallice) Releases First New Ocrilim Album in Four Years


Rejoice! After four long years, Mick Barr (Krallice, Orthrelm, Encenathrakh, etc.) has at last released new music from his Ocrilim project. The guitarist dropped HRASRI yesterday without any prior warning, as he’s wont to do. I’m only getting to listen to the three-track, forty-five minute album for the first time now, but so far, so good! Barr’s work is definitely challenging — HRASRI is the very definition of “minimalist” — but it’s a challenge worth undertaking if you ask me. Love or hate Ocrilim, you can’t accuse Barr of doing the same ol’ same ol’.

And as a bonus, the recording of HRASRI is credited to ‘menegroth colin,’ which I’m confident is an alias for Barr’s Krallice bandmate, Colin Marston (also of Gorguts and Dysrhythmia fame).

Check out HRASRI below! If you dig it, buy it here.

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