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The 60th Grammy Awards: How to Master Entertainment Betting


Now that the winners of the 60th Grammy Awards have already been named, you probably think that the noise and coverage would have subsided. Well, just like with other editions of the Grammys, the coverage and noise extend beyond the award ceremonies and reverberate for days or even weeks depending on the artists. Remember how Taylor Swift shaded Kanye in her acceptance speech in 2016? While the singer didn’t name names, it was clear as daylight that the rapper was the one. This year, another feud defined the awards show with Azealia Banks throwing shade at Lorde for not winning Album of the Year.

But more than these petty feuds, these awards shows also bring out the best in individuals who love to bet and predict the winners. Just like in sports betting and casinos with online poker, entertainment and award shows have become the perfect avenues for punters and betting enthusiasts to take on the game while enjoying the glittering world of entertainment. And right after the awards show and the publication of results, many are left wondering and asking- what happened to my picks? And how can I master the art of entertainment betting? Well, just like the game of poker, casino entertainment or betting on sports, entertainment betting requires not just luck, but mastery of the industry and the odds. Just like in sports betting, you may not win at all times, but you can surely master entertainment betting if you just know what to do and where to turn. So if you are looking to improve your mastery of entertainment betting, then you have come to the right page: we’ll list some suggestions and tips on how to master this type of betting.

Get informed by tracking the odds, or read online chatter

Just like in sports betting and poker games, it is important that you are well-informed when taking on entertainment betting. Information and an understanding of the key players and trends is critical when you want to make an informed bet, even on the Grammy Awards. To be successful in predicting the outcome of the Grammy Awards show, it is important that you are aware of the trends and write-ups about the nominees. As soon as the list of nominees has been released, it is critical that you follow the news and reviews that accompany each of the names and that you also track the predictions of experts. You can count on news channels, celebrity websites and entertainment news channels for insights on who will win, or who is favored to pull a surprise.


Sports betting websites and online casinos like sbobet that carry free poker can also serve as great places to check out news, insights and predictions. Some of these websites carry articles and guides on who they think will win the most awards. Aside from guides and predictions, these websites also carry a listing of odds, which can tell you which artists or songs are getting primed up for the awards night. These odds are published for free, and can serve as your guide when making your bets online. For example, days before the ceremony, Kendrick Lamar, Luis Fonsi and Bruno Mars were leading the chatter, thanks to favorable odds. For Album of the Year, ‘Damn’ by Kendrick Lamar was at 5/6, ‘24kMagic’ by Bruno Mars at 14/5; and for Record of the Year, ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi was at 8/13, ’Humble’ by Kendrick Lamar at 7/2 and ‘24K’ by Bruno Mars at 17/2. These were the leading nominees with the best odds in many celebrity blogs and websites, which can give you ideas on how you will package your bets. And sure enough, the artists with the best odds took home the prize during the awards show. Bruno Mars was the biggest winner, taking home the Album of the Year and Record of the Year. This means that you should pay attention to the odds when you want to be safe and successful when it comes to entertainment betting. But these odds should be just a factor, not the sole criteria, when forming your Grammy bets.


Take advantage of free bets

If you are new to entertainment betting or you have a limited bankroll, then you will find free bets as helpful resources. Free bets are common promotional offers in sports betting sites and casinos that allow individuals to play poker. This same offer is also available if you are into predicting the outcomes of awards shows including the Grammys. A free bet is extremely helpful as this gives you a chance to place a bet on who you think will win without the usual risks. Free bets vary depending on the website where you will place them, but it normally ranges from $5 to $15, subject to certain conditions. This is given to customers and players who will create a new account with the site, and the same amount can be used to bet on outcomes. One of the conditions set is the time limit, which means that you are given only a certain amount of time to use the free bets. Just like the bonuses that govern Omaha High or slots, these freebies should be used during the prescribed time. Now, these free bets also come in different types, from matched betting to no deposit free bets, so it’s best to know what are the offers before using it.

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