Wintergatan Have a New Song!!!


Long-time MetalSucks readers may recall my fascination/obsession with Wintergatan, a Swedish not-at-all-metal act whose gorgeous soundscapes are crafted from a mix of extremely rare instruments, traditional ones and homemade crafts. The band’s video of a hand-made marble machine that makes music with 2,000 marbles went viral in 2016 (it’s since amassed nearly 69 million views) but their last proper piece of music was their 2013 self-titled debut, easily one of my favorite albums of the past several years in ANY genre. I’m tempted to be mad at bandleader Martin Molin for taking so fucking long between albums while messing around with marbles, but the guy is clearly following his own creative muse and true genius cannot be rushed. He is a true genius, without a doubt.

So: Wintergatan have a new song! Sort of!

Martin has promised to release a new video on his YouTube channel every Wednesday, and last week’s entry showcased him playing a special saw as an instrument. To demonstrate, he wrote a new song — improvised, on the spot — and made a video of the whole process.

That’s right: the dude wrote a fucking song on the spot! Without even trying! For a completely unrelated purpose! And the song is absolutely gorgeous. Which means he probably could’ve released five top-notch albums by now if only…

OK, OK, calm down, Vince.

The song is showcased in the video, which you can and should watch below. You can also download it on Bandcamp for free if you desire, but then you don’t get all the awesome visuals along with it. Martin is also taking part in a pilot program of YouTube sponsorships that allows fans to contribute directly to a channel they love, kind of like a built-in Patreon. You can sign up on the video page itself (next to the subscribe button).

Counting down the days to a new Wintergatan album… get on it, Martin!

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