Doom Band Green Druid are Participating in a Weed Olympics


Recreational marijuana is a wonderful thing! I recently visited California and went to legally buy weed in the U.S. for the first time ever, and it was nothing short of a magnificent experience. The facility was fancy and clean, the salespeople were incredibly knowledgable and helpful, the prices were reasonable, the products were top notch… remind me again why weed isn’t legal in the rest of the U.S.?

Doom band Green Druid are able to take full advantage of legal recreational cannabis in their native Colorado whenever they want, and for that I am eternally jealous. To rub that privilege in our faces, the band has decided to launch their very own Weed Olympics; the event will unfold over eight weeks and pits 16 strains of the ickiest icky against one another. Each week the band has a smoke-off between two strains, films their baked asses enjoying and discussing it, and then fans get to choose the winning strain to move on to the next round. Completely scientific! The winning bud will be announced, naturally, on April 20th.

Watch the first two episodes of Green Druid’s Weed Olympics below via their Instagram and cast your vote on the band’s Twitter.



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