Oh, Pity, the MetalSucks Comments Section is Down


Whilst performing some upgrades to the MetalSucks website infrastructure last night, certain functionality was affected. Well, mainly one piece: the comments section. You may notice some other erratic behavior on the site as well today (jokes about Phil Labonte notwithstanding).

We know, we know, it seems like a great excuse, yet another maneuver by the liberal, SJW, Jew-controlled media conspiracy to shut down the opinions of all who dissent. But rest assured, the comments section will be back! We’re working to fix it right now.

In the meantime we’ll be over here enjoying a few rare moments of peace, but you should feel free to go cry into your pint of Leinenkugel’s or just share your extremely well-informed opinions as comments on our Facebook page.

You can also watch the below segment that aired yesterday on Infowars, in which conservative idiot Milo Yiannopoulos hosted All That Remains frontman / autotune spokesperson Phil Labonte to talk about the poison that is MetalSucks and how we’re ruining all that is good and holy about metal. Enjoy!

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