“Calm Before the Storm”: Listen to a New Song from Light the Torch (ex-Killswitch Engage, etc.)


Light the Torch’s new song, “Calm Before the Storm,” is cheesier than the entire state of Wisconsin — but in contrast to that new Dimmu Borgir song, it’s good cheesy. Granted, the fact that I feel that way is largely influenced by personal preferences; I prefer Light the Torch’s flypaper-catchy, downright danceable metalcore and pop-punk to the bombastic not-quite-black metal of the new Dimmu track. But I also think “Storm” has the far stronger hook of the two, and the benefit of HoJo’s distinctive voice, as opposed to Shagrath’s more generic BM croak.

Again, just my two cents. Try not to lose your shit.

Listen to Light the Torch’s “Calm Before the Storm” below. The band’s first album since changing their name from Devil You Know is called Revival, and will be out March 30 on Nuclear Blast. Pre-order it here. I also highly recommend our new podcast interview with Howard Jones!

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