Shit That Comes Out Today: February 23, 2018

  • Phil Boozeman

I about shit myself when I saw both Amon Amarth AND Dimmu Borgir on the release column this week, only to be very disappointed that they were just vinyl reissues. Oh well. Despite that, this week still manages to be the strongest release week of the year so far, not just because of the quality of the releases, but also because of the quantity. I know that’s cliché, but if that’s what it takes to have more awesome release weeks like this one then fuck it, I’ll be the hero this city needs.

Shit That Comes Out Today: February 23, 2018Thy Antichrist
Wrath Of The Beast (Napalm Records)
On a playlist with Septicflesh, Dark Funeral and Nevalra
Listen: “The Great Beast”

Thy Antichrist are a kickass black metal band who are on the upswing right now. They have a new album coming out TODAY (obviously), and they’re currently touring with Septicflesh and Dark Funeral. And to boot, my good friend Scott Eames just so happens to be their guitar player. So if you’re going to one of these tour dates, feel free to tell the Wicked One that Boozeman said he has to buy you a drink. Irish car bomb or bust, my friends. Check these dues out and go catch them on tour. You’ll have a good time guaranteed or your crucified savior back!

Feast (Unique Leader)
On a playlist with Ahtme, Archspire and The Kennedy Veil
Listen: “Apex Night Eclipse”

Alterbeast are a band that I am incredibly excited about. Even though their first album, Immortal dropped in 2014, Feast is only the band’s sophomore album. However, Alterbeast are back with a vengeance and this album more or less spreads its cheeks and takes a giant shit on the first one. Alterbeast have everything you could possibly want in a death metal song so get in here, crank this shit and let the wolves consume you.

Shit That Comes Out Today: February 23, 2018Necrophobic
Mark Of The Necrogram (Century Media) listen
On a playlist with Dissection, Dismember and Dark Funeral
Listen:“Mark Of The Necrogram”

It took me all of about 2 seconds to figure out that I like this band. If you like melodic-ish black metal, then you’ll absolutely love this band and judging by the title track, it would appear that I already have another edition to my 2018 top 15 albums list. I’m not sure what else I could say to tell you guys how awesome Necrophobic are, so just listen to the music and tell me I’m wrong. I dare you. DARE YOU. Also someone please tell me how this band has eluded me since their creation in 1989.

Shit That Comes Out Today: February 23, 2018Cabal
Mark Of Rot (Long Branch Records)
On a playlist with The Acacia Strain, Traitors and Black Tongue
Listen: “Blackened Soil”

At first thought, I thought Cabal were an alien species in Destiny. A Google search confirmed that, along with a billion other uses, I was right. Now I’m just left here thinking about how much Destiny sucked. Fortunately, this band doesn’t. In addition to being what The Acacia Strain would sound like if they were good, Cabal are the auditory equivalent of the playground bully who kicks you in the nads and then throws dirt on your face. Except, you know, with slams instead of punches.

Shit That Comes Out Today: February 23, 2018Insect Ark
Marrow Hymns (Profound Lore)
On a playlist with Bee and Flower, Multicult and Inculter
Listen: “Sea Harps”

According to Insect Ark’s Bandcamp profile, Insect Ark are an “instrumental experimental cinematic doom.” Although I certainly subscribe to the belief that at this point, subgenres and the labels bands use to define themselves are getting out of control, I’d be a liar if I said I could think of anything better to describe the sound of this band. Try to imagine what it would sound like if an entire colony of ants tripped acid at once. That’s basically what we’re working with here.

Animal Drive 
Bite! (Frontiers) listen
Armored Dawn Barbarians in Black (AFM) listen
Black Moth Anatomical Venus (Spinefarm) listen
Black Wizard Livin’ Oblivion (Listenable) listen
Blackwulf Sinister Sides (Ripple) listen
Bornless Fire Arcanum (Metropolis Records) listen
Coreleoni The Greatest Hits Part 1 (Frontiers) listen
Dead Empires Designed to Disappear (Silent Pendulum Records) listen
Deathwhite For A Black Tomorrow listen
Dukes of the Orient Dukes of the Orient (Frontiers) listen
Huntsmen American Scrap (Prosthetic Records) listen
Ignore the Sign A Line to Cross (SPV/Steamhammer) listen
Kaoteon Damnatio Memoriae (N/A) listen
Kino Radio Voltaire (InsideOut) listen
Megaherz Komet (Napalm) listen
MGT Gemini Nyte (Cleopatra) listen
Sacred Leather Ultimate Force (Cruz Del Sur Music) listen
Scumpulse Rotten (Gore House Productions) listen
Shiraz Lane Carnival Days (Frontiers) listen
Spiny Normen Spiny Normen (RidingEasy) listen
Templeton Pek Watching The World Come Undone (Drakkar) listen
Tengger Cavalry Cian Bi (Napalm Records) listen
Thundermother Thundermother (Despotz) listen
Turnstile Time & Space (Roadrunner Records) listen
Unruly Child Unhinged Live From Milan (DVD/CD) (Frontiers) listen
Usurpress Interregnum (Agonia) listen
Vexes Ancient Geometry (N/A) listen
We Sell the Dead Heaven Doesn’t Want You And Hell Is Full (earMUSIC) listen

Amon Amarth
Deceiver Of The Gods (Vinyl) (Metal Blade) listen
Amon Amarth Jomsviking (Vinyl) (Metal Blade) listen
Cavo Bridges (Reissue) (Pavement) listen
Dimmu Borgir Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia (Vinyl) (Nuclear Blast) listen
Dimmu Borgir Spiritual Black Dimensions (Vinyl) (Nuclear Blast) listen
Dimmu Borgir Stormblåst (Vinyl) (Nuclear Blast) listen
Melechesh As Jerusalem Burns…Al’Intisar (Reissue) (Vic) listen
Riot Nightbreaker (Reissue) (Metal Blade) listen
Riot The Brethren Of The Long House (Reissue) (Metal Blade Records) listen

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