Gee, A Perfect Circle Really Hate Cell Phones!


In case you weren’t sure what the members of A Perfect Circle think about technology’s role in today’s culture, they’ve put out an on the nose new video telling you exactly how they feel. Phones = bad! Go outside! Talk to people!

The video for the previously released single “Disillusioned” views like a paean to post-1984 technophobia, with people staring at their phones marching in unison, literally shackled by wires. To really drive the point home, most of the video is rendered in black and white — but when people put down their phones, gather and go outside, everything’s in color! FREE FROM THE OPPRESSION OF OUR DEVICES!

Enjoy the video below along with the rest of the 70% of MetalSucks readers who read our site using their phones. But do so cautiously, because you might get kicked out of A Perfect Circle concert if you’re caught.

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