Let The Absence Make Your Morning Less Miserable

  • Axl Rosenberg

Hello to all my fellow non-morning people. You’re reading this, barely, from your desk, quietly seething that you’re not still in bed, cursing existence itself, and praying no one does anything really dumb like try to talk to you before the coffee kicks in. I feel your pain, and I offer you this remedy: “Misery Trophies,” the new single and video from The Absence.

Because, holiest mother of fucks, does it ever rule. It represents everything good about melodeath: stampeding riffs, exploding drums, expressive leads, scream-your-throat-bloody vocals, outsized production, and a hook that digs into your gut and doesn’t let go. Play it loud to scare away those who might dare to try and interact you before noon.

Check out “Misery Trophies” via the below music video, courtesy of Decibel. The Absence’s new album, A Gift For The Obsessed, comes out on March 23rd with M-Theory Audio. Pre-order it here.

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