Mustainal Cunt: Exactly What You Think It Is

  • Axl Rosenberg

Some grindcore bands are perversely funny and profoundly provocative — which is to say, while names like Napalm Death and Pig Destroyer may initially elicit laughter from n00bs and non-metallers, those bands have a lot to offer beyond the initial lure of their operatic monikers.

And then there are grindcore bands that are really just a goof.

The gold standard for the latter category remains Anal Cunt. Seth Putnam’s music was meh, but if you enjoy sophomoric, socially insensitive humor that was generally repulsive just for the sake of being repulsive, Anal Cunt clearly had a lot of appeal. It was trolling in music form.

I suspect that Putnam, who passed away in 2011, would be pleased that Anal Cunt has spawned its own subgenre, parody bands of a parody band. Anal Trump has drawn a lot of attention in the past year-and-a-half, both due to their political stance (all the money from their releases has been donated to various charities of which Donald Trump would not be a fan) and that fact that they have a famous member (Cattle Decapitation’s Travis Ryan), but I suspect Mustainal Cunt is going to be almost as popular.

The project’s Bandcamp bio pretty much says it all:

“A grindcore band that’s almost as unlistenable as the shit that Dave Mustaine says. A one man power trio who likes to talk shit about Dave Mustaine, Phil Labonte, Ted Nugent or whoever the fuck is spewing a load of bullshit that day.”

That first sentence ain’t false modesty: Mustainal Cunt’s music is not good.

But it is pretty funny, at least for the five minutes it will take you to listen to it. You could even get a chuckle just from the song titles (examples: “I’m Over Metallica Unless They Want Me Back,” “I Have a Well Documented History of Alcohol Abuse so You Know My New Beer Brand Is Good,” “À Toutes Les Baguettes or Whatever”) and lyrics (personal favorite: “Bloggers are mean! Bloggers are mean! I’m gonna go on the Nazi Show!”). But I’d suggest actually playing the music (“music”), ’cause otherwise you won’t get to enjoy the expert use of audio samples. (Bonus: it’s dedicated to our pals at the Metal Injection Livecast.)

Check out Mustainal Cunt below. You can buy the album here and merch here and follow Mustainal Cunt on Twitter here.

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