The Faceless: Michael Keene Issues Statement, Vows to Find Replacement Members


Following yesterday’s mass exodus of all members of The Faceless, founder, band leader and sole remaining member Michael Keene has issued a statement saying that he is currently working on finding new members, and he reiterated that none of the band’s scheduled shows will be canceled:

“I would like to publicly address the situation that The Faceless is currently in. I will keep this short and sweet:

“My manager and I have been talking to new members for all of the positions that have been left empty today. We are currently confirming a lineup with some of the best, most creative and technically proficient musicians of the extreme metal genre. We will not be canceling any shows.”

A word to the wise: if you’re in an up-and-coming death metal band and Keene contacts you about joining The Faceless, understand what you’re getting into. There’s a reason this band’s membership has been a constant revolving door over the years, and it almost certainly won’t end any differently for you.

The Faceless currently have two live dates scheduled: the Bay Area Death Fest in Berkeley, CA on June 10th — at which they have pledged to play Planetary Duality in full to celebrate its 10th anniversary — and October 4th in Mexico City. Keene could realistically assemble a lineup of musicians to play Bay Area Death Fest as a one-off and then take the rest of the year as it comes, although I’m sure he’d like to fill every position with permanent members. Errr… “permanent.”

Here’s a fun one: what’s the over/under on number of members of The Faceless to join and leave the band before 2018 is over?

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