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Sam writes:

“In regards to your latest disgorgement referencing Jesse Hughes:  Thanks for ‘your’ insight.  I now have a 100% understanding on your views of life on this planet.  You are a justifier. Which is ok.  I like metalsucks. I like that you present for the public viewing, musicians involvement in situations/life experiences that aren’t music.  You will always find a way to make sense of the senseless, justifiers always do.  I would take apart your article featuring Jesse Hughes, but who has that kind of time.  Remember this though….You were not in Florida when those kids were senselessly murdered.  You were not at Bataclan when those in attendance were senselessly murdered.  You have a right to condemn anyone you want and take sides on any issue. Condemnation from a justifier is just that.  So as your mind is ‘boggled’ by Jesse’s ‘logic’, remember that being a justifier is why your mind is boggled.  Not because Jesse’s ‘logic’ is not agreeable to you.  You will never be able to see the other side of anything you don’t agree with.  That’s how easy you are to read.”

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your e-mail. Or ‘your’ e-mail. I don’t know why we’re putting the word ‘your’ in quotes but it seems like a fun thing to do and for now at least I’m happy to play along.

You’re correct that my views pertain to life on this planet and not life on other planets. I don’t really know anything about gun control laws on other planets.

You’re also correct that, fortunately for me, I wasn’t at either of these mass shootings. And maybe there’s an argument to be made that this makes Jesse’s opinion more valid than my own.

But the fact remains that Jesse attacked kids who recently survived a horrible trauma, and did so by implying that the suffering he endured was somehow more valid than the suffering that they endured. (It would probably be gauche of me to point out, once again, that Jesse was able to immediately flee the shooting he encountered, while the founders of #NeverAgain were all trapped inside the school with the shooter, not knowing if they were going to make it out or not, for a substantial period of time. So I won’t point that out.) On what does Jesse base his accusation that the kids are just trying to get attention? Does he really think they’re so insensitive as to use the death of their friends as an excuse to play hooky? Does he truly think so little of young people in America? I don’t know about you, Sam, but in my day, we found far less extreme excuses to skip class. Also, when we skipped class, it wasn’t to attend political protest rallies and/or deliver tearful public speeches in which we relived the worst day of our lives. That just wasn’t our idea of a fun time. Maybe kids today are different.

I also sincerely believe that Jesse’s logic is flawed. I refer you again to his cartoon, which likens gun control to castrating men as a means of rape prevention. But none of us are born with guns. We don’t need guns to procreate. Would not a more valid comparison have been to say that fighting gun violence with gun control is like fighting drunk driving by taking away everyone’s car? I still wouldn’t agree with Jesse, but his argument would be more sound. At least I think it would be. Maybe I’m just justifying.

I disagree that I can’t see the other side of anything with which I disagree, but other than agreeing with you I don’t know how I’d demonstrate that. It feels to me like those who are against stricter gun control laws are the ones who can’t see the other side of anything with which they disagree. But I know that you would disagree that they can’t see the other side of anything with which they disagree. Maybe I just feel way that way because I can’t see the other side of things with which I disagree. Or maybe you can’t see the other side of things with which you disagree. I fear we will never agree on this.

I will do my best to remember that I’m a justifier and that’s why my mind boggles… but honestly, Sam, I’ve got a lot of plates spinning right now and I can’t promise that my boggled mind will be able to retain this information.

I’m so glad you find me easy to read! MetalSucks is 100% committed to making our writing at least 90% comprehensible 80% of the time.

Thanks for ‘your’ insight, Sam. And most of all, thanks for visiting MetalSucks! We appreciate all ‘your’ support.


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