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Skinless Debut New Track “Line of Dissent”


Skinless Debut New Track “Line of Dissent”

I’ve recently been spending too much of my fairly limited free time blasting death metal while playing Far Cry 5. I know there are far more productive things I could be doing, but it’s just so much fun to get out my aggression by abusing imaginary religious cultists and listening to the angriest music available.

One song which is definitely going into my Far Cry rotation: “Line of Dissent,” the new single from Skinless. This song sounds like it wants to rip your eyeballs out through your ass. It makes the title of Skinless’ new album, Savagery, somehow seem too mild. It suggests a level of pain, torture, and desecration so severe as to render suicide a preferable fate. It wants to inflict upon you forms of pain you didn’t even known existed. By the time it’s done with you, the authorities won’t even be able to identify you via dental records. The crime scene will induce vomit in all who see it and give nightmares to veteran homicide detectives. Serial killers who see the photos will think, “Christ, what the fuck was this guy’s issue?!?”

It’s pretty great.

Listen to “Line of Dissent” below, courtesy of LoudwireSavagery comes out May 11 on Relapse. Pre-order it in a variety of physical formats and bundles here or here!

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