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Metal Madness with Online Pokies Australia Games


Metal Mania and You

We’ve all had the experience of being put down for our music choices. It’s cool to listen to classical music; even new age or pop music is fine. But metal music? Well, that’s seen as being over the top, too loud, different or downright scary. But obviously we all know perfectly great people (like ourselves) who love this music and want to keep listening to it. So how do you deal with people who think you’re a crazy biker or a scary person for digging on metal tunes? What do you do to rise above this image? Here are some ideas that will allow you to enjoy your metal music while also keeping up a great image, and achieving some cool goals.

Have a Metal Lunch

You might be saying “What in the world is a metal lunch?” Here’s the idea. You get some co-workers together and tell them that today during lunch time, you’ll going to play some metal music. Pick some of the lighter stuff, of course, and get rolling. If you eat regularly with certain people and they trust you, they might just be willing to hear your music and to get better acquainted with metal. They may be surprised that it’s not all head banging and loud noises, like the stereotypes offer to people and they may just find that they like it. If you introduce people to metal music in a fun, pressure-free environment, they are far more likely to take the bait and to enjoy the experience. And maybe they will start listening to it as well, or at least stop questioning your choices.

Winning At Online Pokies Australia Games

Music has an entire psychology behind it. Music therapy and music therapists understand that music can be a very powerful motivator and a way to get people to transform, grow and learn. You may just find that you work and play better with metal music in the background. This might be true for your job (wear earphones), for your reading time and for the online pokies Australia games you love to play. Many people actually report that they think better and do better at their various daily activities when they have their favorite music in the background. And if you love metal, then you should try to put it on when you play and see if it makes a difference in the many activities that you do throughout the day. You may just be surprised.

Concert Time

Another way to get your friends interested in your metal obsession is with concerts. There are so many awesome metal concerts available today and many of them are not that far away. Of course, if you really want to impress someone, you can find out where your favorite band is playing and take your girlfriend or boyfriend away on a destination trip. Talk about a way to get someone to like metal moments! But even if you can’t fly off to Germany or Prague, you can still find a great metal concert in the neighborhood and you can enjoy some time with friends and other people at this location. Take along someone who doesn’t really love metal music and introduce them to it. If they start liking it, they become the best spokesperson for it, because then they tell their friends about the benefit of metal music and so on and so on. And those are the types of natural situations that really help to expand things out.

Social Media It

Another way to show your love for metal and potentially influence others is through social media. Follow your favorite groups on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other mediums. Comment when they do something awesome and share their posts on your own page. The more energy, likes, and comments that the metal groups get, the more attention they will garner. And that can only help them to get more fans and more people interested in them. You never know how far you’ll be able to help to take a group by liking them on Facebook or retweeting something they’ve tweeted, etc.

Nobody said that it’s going to be easy to get other people to enjoy the metal music that you like. But trying to get more followers for this type of music and the image that it creates is all part of the challenge and the fun. You never know what type of interest you can stir up until you try. And whether you get one person at work to turn towards metal, or you find yourself doing better with your pokies games because of it, or you get people on social channels to follow your favorite musicians, each of these steps helps with the image that metal mania lovers have about themselves. We can all help to change the image that others have about us, one person at a time.


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