Guns N’ Roses: Full Appetite for Destruction Reunion Imminent?


The thing about doing a reunion — even one as big as the Guns N’ Roses reunion — is that if you wanna keep that money train moving, you will eventually need to figure out new ways to lure fans who have now moved past the initial excitement generated by the reconciliation. For most reunited bands, that means making a new album, which is what a lot of us assumed GN’R would do. Thing is, Guns N’ Roses are in the unusual position of having another option — specifically, that of turning their partial reunion of Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan into a full reunion including fellow original members Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler.

Which it looks like they may be doing.

Fans have spotted the below billboard in the Camden area of London. As you can see, the billboard includes all five original members of GN’R (in their skull form from the cover of Appetite for Destruction, natch) and a URL, GNR.FM. That site is registered to Universal Music Group (in other words, it’s legit), and includes the message “DESTRUCTION IS COMING” and the hashtag #AppetiteForDestruction.

So this is either happening, or it’s a tease so cruel it should be considered assault. But it’s not really a stretch to think this complete reunion might finally happen. Adler has performed with the semi-reunited band a few times, and made it more than a little clear that he’d kill people to re-join the band full time; Stradlin, meanwhile, allegedly walked out of rehearsals over a financial disagreement. So it wouldn’t be that hard to put this together.

Hopefully we’ll know more soon. In the meantime, won’t you join Steven Adler in asking God to make this happen?

[via Alternative Nation]

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