Album Stream: The Ever Living, Herephemine


The Ever Living, who we’re guessing will be completely new to most of you, describe themselves as “cinematic post-metal.” And ain’t that ever the truth: less than a minute into their debut album Herephemine you’ll know exactly why listening to this band is the aural equivalent of going to the movies.

The album’s opening track “The Great Defeatist” begins with a plodding post-metal churn — think The Ocean at their doomier moments — and thunders its way through six minutes of peaks and valleys within itself. Things really get going on “New Mutiny,” the album’s first single, which combines gut-churning dissonance with atmospheric melody in a way that’s neither cloying nor cheesy. And from there it’s off to the races: this is the kind of album you’ll want to listen to several times through, preferably on a great pair of headphones or speakers. Do its creators justice and give it the full time it deserves!

Herephemine comes out tomorrow, May 4th, on Chromism Records.

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