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Khôrada (ex-Agalloch, ex-Giant Squid) Announce New Album, Release New Single

  • Axl Rosenberg

We’ve been excited about Khôrada since the band first announced their inception nearly two years ago. Three-fourths of the group used to be in Agalloch (guitarist Don Anderson, bassist Jason Walton, and drummer Aesop Dekker), while vocalist Aaron John Gregory was in Giant Squid. If that’s not a championship pedigree, nuthin’ is.

So I’m stoked to report that Khôrada have at last released some actual music for us to hear in the form of “Ossify,” which will appear on their debut album, Salt. Now, I need to warn you up front: if you’re expecting Agalloch music with Giant Squid vocals, you’re going to be disappointed. Although we’ve joked that this band is like the underground Audioslave or Velvet Revolver, the quartet has wisely chosen to go for a different sound from their old bands. There’s a lot going on in the track’s eleven-and-a-half-minute runtime, but very little of it strikes me as being Agiantsquidalloch-esque.

All of it, however, strikes me as rad. It’s not the heaviest thing you’ll hear this week, but it’s moody and beautiful and raw and just, like, good. I can’t wait to hear more from these dudes.

Check out “Ossify” for yourself below. Salt will be out July 20 on Prophecy Productions. Pre-order it here.

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