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Here’s Another New Yob Track Called “Our Raw Heart”


Good lord, people, this new Yob album!

The title track from Our Raw Heart, which the band released yesterday, displays an entirely different side of the album than “The Screen,” the first single, released last month. “Our Raw Heart” is a slow, pensive, dirge-like psychedelic number that clocks in at 14 minutes — vocals don’t kick in until after two-and-a-half of them — and takes its sweet time doing everything it needs to in stark contrast to the all-guns-blazing pummeling riffery of the first single. When those vocals do kick in, good god, absolutely haunting! What’s more, there isn’t a tremendous amount of musical variation throughout the track’s 14 minutes — it’s mostly variations on the same / similar themes — but Yob have remarkably kept it engaging and interesting the entire running time. That’s no easy feat. This song is very, very powerful.

My privilege as Super Important Cool Metal Blogger Guy has allowed me to hear Our Raw Heart in full, and let me tell you, there’s way more where this came from. It’s on my short list for “Best of 2018” already, no question.

Stream “Our Raw Heart” below. The album of the same name comes out June 8th via Relapse; pre-order here.

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