Ghost Fan Shares Heartwarming Story After His Job Forces Him to Miss Live Show


Ghost’s headline tour is well underway, and take it from me, your trusty neighborhood SJW/commie/libtard metal blogger: it is QUITE the spectacle and you do not want to miss it!

Unfortunately for Brooklyn resident Garth Purkett, who describes Ghost as his favorite band, an important project required him to stay “mega late” at work, forcing him to give up the tickets he’d bought to see the band’s show this past Tuesday night (May 15th) in Port Chester, NY, about 30 miles north of the city. He was incredibly bummed to sell the ticket, but the story has a happy ending that’ll tug on your morbid, ghoulish heartstrings.

Here, we’ll let Garth himself take over:

Ain’t that something??? And the moral of the story is… uhh, I dunno actually, just jam out to Ghost’s new single “Dance Macabre,” it’s straight fiyah!

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