Chelsea Grin Show Puddles Who’s Boss in Video for New Song “Hostage”

  • Axl Rosenberg

So I sat down to watch the video for the new Chelsea Grin single, “Hostage,” and about nine seconds in, when the very first shot of the band is them doing some Attack Attack!-type choreographed bullshit, I was like “Fuck this” and I turned it off. Then I thought, “Now, Axl, you should really at least try to make it through the rest of the song,” so against my better judgment, I soldiered onwards. Then, around the :25 second mark, the band’s singer, Earlobe Mutilation, stomps in a puddle, and I had to pause the video while I laughed for two straight minutes. It’s not just the idea of some dude showing how mad he is by splashing around in the rain like a child, it’s that, again, there is absolutely nothing spontaneous about it. I would imagine there are multiple takes, even (in fact, I know there must be, because we see the splash from multiple angles, and I doubt they were filming with more than one camera at a time). It is just so ridiculous.

After that I really didn’t try to keep watching the video and instead opted to use my time more productively by hammering a nail into my foot.

Splash around with “Hostage” below. Chelsea Grin’s new album, Eternal Nightmare, comes out July 13 on Rise.

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