Watch: The Ghost Inside’s Andrew Tkaczyk Plays Drums Using Special Device for Missing Leg


Last week The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk, who lost the bottom portion of his right leg in the band’s 2015 bus crash, revealed a special device he’d been learning to play drums with instead of his usual prosthetic limb, which had been presenting him with some difficulty behind the kit. Now Tkaczyk has shared some footage of himself jamming with the new contraption, which has own father designed and built.

Watch that footage below and marvel once again at how the human spirit is capable of bouncing back from even the most horrific of tragedies. Keep it continue, Andrew!

I wanted to give people a visual of how The Hammer works. I can tell you that BY FAR, this is more comfortable than using my prosthesis. There’s a lot to work on. I physically can’t produce as much power and control as I can with a trusty ol’ REAL leg/foot/ankle combo. Mostly other musicians will notice that during the part where I switch the groove to the open hats. Because I only have a very short limb, there is also a timing/latency issue when striking The Hammer with my limb to the kick head that I think is just going to get better with more practice and experience. It’s honestly like having to relearn how to play drums again. The muscle memory is there, but my body is drastically different. Going to experiment with triggers to see if that helps my situation. To be honest with you, I’m fine with having an excuse to use triggers. I’m a huge fan, they sound badass and I love death metal ????. So here it is. The first official footage of THE HAMMER ???? ????????

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