Daron Malakian Says No New System of a Down Music Coming Soon


Were you still holding out hope that System of a Down would get back to writing and recording new music soon despite Serj Tankian’s claim the members “still haven’t come eye to eye” on a creative direction and Daron Malakian’s crystal-clear proclamation that “as of right now, System’s not making albums”?

Well, bad news for you! Malakian just doubled down on that statement in an interview with Revolver., offering the following when asked about new SoaD material:

“I couldn’t say ever, but as of right now, it’s not looking like we’re doing something together soon. I can’t close the book on it and say it’s done forever. We still play live. We’re all still friends. All my band members posted ‘Lives’ on their own Facebooks and Instagrams, so we’re all very supportive of each other. It’s more a combination of where each person is at a different point in their life, and each person wants to do a different thing.

“There are some creative differences as well on what direction each one of us wants to take the next System album, if that ever happens, which is fine. I’m not sitting here upset or anything. The only thing I’m a little frustrated with was waiting for that to maybe happen or not happen. Too much time has passed by since I’ve released anything with Scars or System. But it’s never too late.”

Fear not, though: Daron’s reactivated project Scars on Broadway is active again, having released two singles so far with an album coming soon. If you close your eyes it really does sound a whole lot like System! And it’s catchy and good and all that; I can’t imagine you won’t like it if you’re a System fan.

And if actual System of a Down is the only thing that’s good enough for you, the band has five U.S. dates booked in October including a headline performance at the Aftershock Festival. Meanwhile, Serj Tankian made a prominent guest appearance on Anthony Bourdian: Parts Unknown, guiding the show’s host through the culinary delights of Armenia. Tiny Fey also sang some SoaD on Saturday Night Live… so there’s that, too!

While we all continue to sit around and scratch our butts waiting for new SoaD, let’s collectively watch the below video and feel old together by celebrating System a Down’s debut album turning twenty this year:

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