Check Out Nylithia’s New Track About Type 1 Diabetes, “Goddamn Type 1”


Of all the metal songs about leprosy, swarming vulgar masses of infected virulency, and evisceration plagues, you’d think there would be a track or two about Type 1 Diabetes. Somehow there was not, until now: Canadian shredders Nylithia have conquered that market with their new song “Goddamn Type 1,” a first hand account of their guitar player Royce Costa’s 20-year battle with the disease.

Nylithia hopes that “Goddamn Type 1” will offer a beacon of hope to others afflicted with T1 diabetes. The song also details the frustrations of dealing with the industry behind the condition. Scientific breakthroughs are often ignored due to the money involved in maintaining T1, which places a huge financial burden on the patient. The band noted “as we progress in science and medicine, it’s important to embrace new ideas/theories and pursue a more sustainable solution.”

All listeners should also note that this track is FILTHY, getting into the grove right off the bat and never letting up (save for the obligatory breakdown). Check it out below, and stay tuned for Nylithia’s upcoming six-track record, due out this summer.


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